About login

The login process provided is a very complete one suitable for organising a large, possibly controlled membership. It contains processing, registering and welcoming users. It includes remembering passwords, two factor verification, timeouts, recovering lost passwords by email and more.

We have a much simpler system of a single name and password that members can know. It allows access to our photo albums in the archive section.

Perhaps I should have written my own simple system, but I chose to adapt what was there - mostly suppressing stuff. Should there be an update to the login plugin, my changes may be lost (but probably will be OK).

So, in case, here are the little hard to find changes that I made:

  1. Use admin to go to email - make sure that email server = disabled
  2. Find user/config/login.yaml. You should find rememberme: enabled: false
  3. Find forgot-form.html.twig. Near the end find these three lines starting with div class="form-actions secondary-accent"

    Delete them or comment them out.

  4. Find user/plugins/login/pages/forgot.md Remove the "form" and replace the instruction text with "You can obtain your password from your band rep or email pnhb.music@gmail.com"