Overall design

The PNHB website is organized under a single level menu leading to the main sections of the website, these are:

  • Home page
  • Music making
  • Internal
  • Come join,
  • Archives,
  • Contact us.

Each of these is a website page and each of them is constructed from internal pages.

All of them contain a "hero page" - web lingo for a page with a large picture to catch the reader's attention (think Batman). On the home page this is a wonderful picture of the band in concert: on the other pages it is a smaller header image.

All pages are constructed on the fly from the content. Usually, the internal pages are presented sequentially.

For example, Music Making is contructed from the following intrernal pages: Introduction, Our Conductors, Our Concert Bands, Our Ensembles, Concert Videos, Previous Concerts. All of the above are presented to the reader on a single scrollable page. These pages, in turn, link to more detailed pages on individual Conductors, Bands, Ensembles etc.

The Archives page contains individual pages for each event in the archives. GRAV provides a set of functions designed for easy creation of blog sites - the internal code creates a page with an overview of all the articles (or events). The overview displays a teaser for each article and links for the interested reader to read the complete article. A sidebar offers the reader several ways to search the archives. The PNHB theme customizes this code to suit the format of our archives.