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Content Management

Date Action Name
2019-03-12 Credited Dave Madill with first website Norma
2019-03-10 Announcement of Spring Fling Norma
2019-02-26 Removed announcement of Winterlude Norma
2019-02-26 Internal section with Announcements from the BOD Norma
2019-02-26 Professional photos password protected in archives 2017 Norma
2019-02-06 Archive on Lorna's award last June Norma
2019-02-06 Fill in band names in concert recordings June 2018 Norma
2019-01-02 Updated coming events Norma
2019-01-02 Updated member application form and Green Band info day (date and contact info Norma
2018-12-08 Updated Coming Events Norma
2018-12-08 Changed homepage button from Hot Press to Coming Events Norma
2018-12-08 New archives Halloween, Christmas Party, Concert photos Norma
2018-12-06 Uploaded concert videos Norma
2018-12-04 Updated Finance Policy document Lorna
2018-11-20 Announce Christmas concert Norma
2018-12-12 Included Rick's how to practise in archives Norma
2018-11-20 Announce Christmas concert Norma
2019-06-15 Many changes updating coming events Norma


Date Action Name
2019-01-02 Images for conductors, band and ensembles moved to content level Norma
2019-01-20 Improvements to archives - all images are now links Norma
2019-01-02 Removed forgot login button Norma
2019-01-02 Blueprints for item and list-item to expect extra frontmatter from admin Norma
2018-12-12 Events in archives automatically show galleries if there are pictures Norma
2018-12-12 enabled links for the conductor pics and archive picture headers showing bluish as links elsewhere Norma
2018-12-11 Updated rtfm Norma
2018-12-10 Bought a security certificate, announced official James
2018-12-07 Announced change to VPS server James
2018-12-04 Moved to VPS server James
2019-05-10 Copied all Carol's videos to PNHB Youtube channel and updated links James
2019-05-15 Rewrote video display to display links to all videos in subdirectories, no need for frontmatter tables norma
2019-07-10 Replaced music-group with picture-group for more generality and ease of maintenance, produces picture lists of all elements without the need for frontmatter norma
2019-07-15 Created Learning Centre norma
2019-12-27 Rewrote concert-videos TWIG to use You Tube videos as well as local video files norma
2020-07-28 Simplfied blog_item twig - supports gallery = false, no more captions. Music Library archive shows how to simulate captions manually without a gallery norma
2020-08-02 Finally, stopped allowing for forgot password option norma
2020-08-18 Cleaned up twig overrides in PNHBtheme - base no longer overridden, only two overrides in Blog, archive page now called blog norma
2020-08-29 Fixed up login so that there is no remember me, no email, and instructions to email for name and password norma
2020-11-16 Changed concert-videos TWIG (again). Videos that are on YouTube are listed in the header of for each concert: an array pair for each performance links the name of the piece with the YT address.